49th Chief Justice of India only for 74 days

Justice Uday Umesh Lalit is India’s 49th chief justice on Saturday, 27 Aug 2022.

The Indian federal judiciary's highest-ranking officer

The justice Uday Umesh Lalit’s grandfather, Ranganatha Lalit, was a lawyer in Solapur long before India’s independence.

Three generations of justice Uday Umesh Lalit’s family were present when he took the oath as CJI.

In the 1980s, he moved his practice from the Bombay high court to Delhi.

Criminal cases became his forte, and he ascended to the position of senior advocate on the supreme court.

One of the high-profile cases he appeared in was the 2g spectrum allocation case, where the court designated him as a special public prosecutor.

He was appointed supreme court judge directly from a lawyer in august 2014.

He is the second such judge to be appointed as CJI.

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