Untouchability is eliminated

and in any offence it becomes untouchable, This article makes two assertions: - 1st is that untouchability is eradicated(removed) and its practice in any...learn more

Untouchability is eliminated-Some of them are listed

1. To prohibit a person from accessing any public place of worship available to others of the same religion...see all to tap on learn more

Important Government Laws in relation to Article 17

The State laid down in Article 35 the Untouchability (infractions) Act of 1955 which was...learn more

In protecting civil rights, the 1955 Civil Rights Act was enacted.

This act contains a number of laws relating to the battle against untouchability. All offences against...learn more

Schedule Tribes & Schedule Castes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act of 1989

This is a crucial Act that was enacted to prevent crimes against Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe people...learn more

Cases related to Article 17

1. Karnataka State vs. Ingale Appa Balu (AIR-1993)

Untouchability was viewed by the Supreme Court as an indirect form of slavery and a...learn more

2. Democratic People's Union vs. Indian Union (AIR-1982)

The basic right referred to in Article 17 may be exercised against private individuals, according to the...learn more

Punishment for violation of Article 17

The commission of any offence related to untouchability and the protection of civil rights, for a period of not...learn more

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