Most basic of all freedoms granted to Indian citizens

In the case, Romesh Thapar vs. Madras (Air1950 Sc) J. Patanjali Shastri (J.P.S) has said that the founding of the republic and democratic society

Four purposes addressed are freedom of speech

1. Contributes to truth discovery. 2. Allows a person to fulfill themselves. 3. It improves a person's ability to make decisions... learn more

Freedoms restriction

Any modern State cannot guarantee absolute individual rights. Therefore, the guarantee of each of these rights is limited by our own... learn more

Constitution provides right to freedom of speech & expression

Following areas, the state may impose further limitations: 1. Defamation 2. The rule of law 3. Court disobedience... learn more


The right to assemble is limited by the need to be peaceful, arms free and, in the interests of public order, subject to reasonable constraints imposed by the 'state.'... learn more

Any citizen has right to form associations or organizations

Subject to the reasonable limitations imposed by the government, in the interest of... learn more

While each citizen shall have a right to move

Freely or to live and live in all parts of the country, such right shall, in order to serve the general public or to protect any Scheduled... learn more

Each citizen shall have the right

Subject to a reasonable restriction imposed by the State for the public interest and subject to any laws which apply in respect of the... learn more

Test of reasonable Restriction

The Supreme Court of India ruled that the Supreme Court of India established the following guidelines to determine whether or... learn more

The following are some notable cases that have influenced the scope of this right over time:-

Right to be informed

Prabhu Datt vs  U.O.I, SC AIR 1982

The High Court held in this case that the freedom of the press is included in the right of access to information, news, and... learn more

SC AIR 2002: Union of India (U.O.I.) vs. Association for Democratic Reforms (A.D.R.)

The apex court held that people have the right to learn about a... learn more

CPI (M) vs. Bharat Kumar, (AIR 1998 ), SC

The Supreme Court ruled in this case that bundhs organized by different political parties are inappropriate because they... learn more

Ranjit Udeshi vs U.O.I, AIR 1965 SC

The sale of books containing obscene/indictive material was forbidden for the bookseller.... learn more

Hamdard Dawakhana vs Union of India(U.O.I.) AIR 1960 SC

In that case, the Supreme Court observed that the freedom of speech does not protect odious and deceitful promotions.... learn more

Indian Express Newspaper(I.E.N) vs Union of India (U.O.I.)AIR 1985

The apex court held that press freedom was not used in Article 19, but was understood in Article 19. (1) A. It is.... learn more