Word State has not been utilized in Article 21

The ramifications are that Art.21 is pertinent to the State just as a Private Individual. Nonetheless, the Article is basically tended to...learn more

Case laws related to Article 21 Upto what extent Art. 21 apply

Personal liberty

A.K. Gopalan versus U.O.I (A.I.R-1950)

The Apex court by the majority held that the individual freedom and liberty in Art.21 means nothing more than the...learn more

A.K. Gopalan versus U.O.I(A.I.R-1950)

In this case, the Supreme Court held that the word utilized under Art.21 is a procedure set up by law. If any...learn more

Maneka Gandhi versus U.O.I (A.I.R 1978)

In this case, if the methodology embraced doesn't follow the rule of natural justice. It can't be said that the procedure “established by...learn more

Maneka Gandhi vs. U.O.I (A.I.R 1978)

The apex court held that the right to live isn't only bound to actual physical existence but, Includes...learn more

Right to Livelihood

Vello citizen forum versus U.I.O (A.I.R 1996) It was held that the State is the public trust of all assets in the nation and...learn more

Chameli Singh versus State of Uttar Pradesh (A.I.R-1996)

It was held that every person under Art.21 has the right to the basic fundamentals and conveniences of the human rights to...learn more

Right to Health and Medical Assistance

Parmanand Katara (P.K) versus Union of India (U.O.I)1989 S.C. It was held that the right to well-being and clinical treatment is a...learn more

Right to free Legal Aid

State of Maharashtra versus Manu Bhai Praggi Vashi 1995 S.C. It was held that the right to free lawful guide is a part of the...learn more

Right to Pollution free Environment

It was held that the option to dignified life includes the right to...learn more

Consumer education and research centre vs. Union Of India (A.I.R 1995 S.C.)

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