Damnum Sine Injuria

A person who merely exercises his or her own rights, as is the case of lasses imposed by a


Damnum Sine Injuria…SALMOND

Landmark cases of Damnum Sine Injuria

Gloucester Grammar School (1410)

Mayor & Co. of Bradford vs. Pickles (1895)

Bradford Corporation was supplying water from its own well. Defendant (Pickles)....Learn more

Vishnu Dutt Sharma vs. Board of High School (BHS) and Intermediate Education (IE) AIR  1981

INJURIA SINE DAMNUM denotes infringement of the Law

Landmark cases of Injuria Sine Damnum

1. Ashby vs. White (1703) 2. Bhikhi Ojha vs. Harakh Kandu 3. Bhim Singh v. State of Jammu & Kashmir

Distinction between  Damnum sine injuria &  Injuria sine damnum.

"Injuria refers to an infringement of the legally protected interest  (i.e., right)"

Conclusion Damnum sine injuria and injuria sine damnum

two maxims is that one is a moral error that the law does not remedy....learn more