Justice Bhagwati observed in the Maneka Gandhi case

"Such fundamental rights (F.R) define the basic values that are cherished by the Vedic people and are calculated to

Object of Fundamental Rights

There are certain rights that are considered fundamental in every democratic system of government. They are vital for the individual's complete moral and

Fundamental Rights' distinguishing features

One of the most important characteristics of Fundamental Rights is that they are justifiable. It means that the constitution not only...learn more

Fundamental Rights (F.R) can be classified as follows

1. Equality right ( Article 14-18) 2. Freedom right (Article 19-22) 3. Right against Exploitation  (Article 23-24)...see more tap below

Equality Right (Article 14-18)

Equality is addressed in Art.14 to 18 of the Constitution in all of its facets(aspects). The general principles are laid out in Article...see more tap below

Right to freedom (Article 19-22)

The right to freedom is covered by Articles 19 to 22 of the Constitution. The following six characteristics of...see more tap below

(Article 20) Protection in connection with criminal convictions

Art.20(1). Protection against Ex-post facto law: -

No one can be convicted (found or proven guilty; the jury found them guilty of fraud) of an offence unless they violating...see more tap below

Art.20(3). privilege against self-incrimination

No one charged with a crime can be compelled to testify against himself. The prosecution has the duty/obligation to prove...see more tap below

Life and Personal Liberty (Article 21)

"Nobody, except through the law," pursuant to Article 20, "will be deprived of its life and freedom except where the...see more tap below

Article 22 grants the following rights to the person detained by police:

1. The right to appear before a judge within 24 hours of arrest. 2. The right, as soon as possible, to be...see more tap below

Right against Exploitation (Article 23-24)

1. In Article 23 the trafficking in people and federal and other such forms of forced labor is strictly prohibited. 2. The violation...see more tap below

Right to freedom and religion (Article 25-28)

India is a secular nation, with no State owing any religion, but the Indian Republic is not anti-religious. In Article 25 Everyone....see more tap below

Cultural and educational rights (Article 29-30)

Article 29(1) ensures that all citizens with a unique language, script, or customs have the right to....see more tap below

Constitutional Remedies (article 32-35)

Art. 32 ensures the implementation of Fundamental Rights (F.R) It's a preventative measure rather than a substantive one....see more tap below