In half of the US companies that use AI bots, ChatGPT replaces humans.

After chatGPT, a survey found that the threat of AI taking over jobs is real. The CEO stated that you cannot rely on it for "important information.”

When ChatGPT was first introduced in November 2022, many tech enthusiasts and AOI developers predicted that the Al chatbot from OpenAL would eventually take our jobs.

Now, the threat is becoming a reality because, according to a recent survey, nearly half of US companies employing ChatGPT indicated the chatbot had already replaced workers.

A survey on career counseling done by the website on 1,000 corporate executives found that more than half of the US companies that took part in the survey had already implemented ChatGPT, and as a result, those companies have replaced personnel with ChatGPT.

According to a survey, American Companies use ChatGPT for a variety of tasks, including writing code (66%), generating prose and content (58%), providing customer care (57%), and summarising meetings (52%).

According to, most corporate executives are satisfied with ChatGPT's services. " "55% rate ChatGPT's perform as "outstanding," while 34% rating it as "quite good."

Traditional jobs have always been eliminated by machines and technology. Given that ChatGPT passed the US medical exam required to practice as a doctor and passed the MBA exam, it was only a matter of time before businesses began using the Al chatbot in their regular operations. ChatGPT also passed the MBA exam & qualified for an entry-level coding position at Google.