Indiana mom dies after drinking water too much

A tragic incident occurred where a 35-year-old mother from Indiana lost her life due to water toxicity, a result of excessive water consumption during a recent vacation. Her family confirmed this unfortunate event.

With the intention of creating awareness and preventing similar occurrences, the family is actively sharing the story of Ashley Summers.

The incident transpired over the course of the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

According to her brother, Devon Miller, who posted on Facebook on July 7, the mother had spent the weekend engaged in boating activities and consequently became severely dehydrated.

On the following Tuesday, she consumed a substantial amount of water, including four bottles within less than half an hour.

This excessive water intake led to swelling of her brain tissue, a condition known as water toxicity.

By Tuesday evening, she had lost consciousness while in the hospital and, sadly, did not regain consciousness.

The family's intention in sharing this tragic experience is to raise awareness and hopefully prevent similar incidents in the future.

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