It will completely ruin the Indian family concept: Indian government opposes same-sex marriage validation in Supreme Court

Opposing petitions seeking lawful validation of same-sex marriages, the Centre has stated to the Supreme Court that the "lawmaking conception of marriage in the Indian statutory & personal law system" specifically refers only to marriage between a biological man & biological woman - and any intrusion "would cause a complete chaos and destruction with the delicate balance of personal legislation in the nation and in recognised society's values".

"The marriage ceremony has a sacred aspect to it and is regarded as a religious ceremony & Sacrament, a sacred union, and a sanskar in much of the nation.

Although while marriage between a biological man and a biological woman is legally recognised in our nation, it nonetheless inevitably depends on long-standing traditions, rituals, practices, cultural ethos, and societal values . the Centre stated. "In a 56-page affidavit submitted on March 12.

Although there may be different kinds of nuptials, unions, or personal knowledge and understanding of relationships between people in a culture, the State only recognizes heterosexual relationships at this time, according to the government.

Also, it stated that registering same-sex marriages violates both current personal and codified law rules, including those relating to "degrees of prohibited relationships," "conditions of marriage," and "ritual and ceremony requirements" under personal rules regulating the individuals.

"A relationship between two people of the opposite sex is implicitly and inescapably assumed by the very concept of marriage.

The Centre stated “This meaning is socially, culturally, and legally rooted in the concept and idea of marriage and should not be disrupted or weakened by judicial interpretation ".



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