Every year on August 8th, National Whataburger Day is observed, as stated by the National Day Calendar. This day serves as a tribute to the rich heritage of enjoying made-to-order, flavorful burgers.

It's not just about the delicious food offered by Whataburger, but also a celebration of the passionate fans and hardworking employees, affectionately known as Family Members, who truly represent the spirit of the brand.

Whataburger holds the distinction of being the pioneer in serving quarter-pound hamburger patties at its restaurant.

During a space mission in July 1999, the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia STS 93 included Whataburger cookies in their supplies.

The signature ketchup, mustard, and mayo at Whataburger are exclusive to the restaurant, ensuring that their distinct flavors are accessible only by dining at Whataburger.

With close to 38,000 possible customization combinations, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to ordering your Whataburger.

Setting itself apart, Whataburger is among the few establishments that make their ketchup available for purchase in stores.

Back in 1950, the inaugural "all the way" Whataburger was sold for a mere 25 cents, marking the restaurant's inaugural day with a profit of $50.

Whataburger recognizes that their most valuable assets are the dedicated Family Members and enthusiastic fans. Each day, they craft remarkable experiences with Whataburger, cultivating a devoted following that stands unparalleled among other burger brands.

Countless customers go to great lengths, such as swaddling their babies in Whataburger taquito paper, choosing to propose over a plate of fries, enjoying post-prom shakes with their dates, and even producing captivating artwork inspired by the distinct orange-and-white stripes of the brand.