new parliament building

The Centre has revealed new photographs from inside the new Parliament building, which is still under construction, ahead of the Budget 2023.

The new structure will be around 65,000 square meters .  The most recent images released show the new Parliament building's larger Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, as well as sufficient seating and cutting-edge audio-visual technologies.

.New Lok Sabha Hall The Lok Sabha chamber would be three times larger and have a seating capacity of up to 888 members. It will be designed with a peacock theme (the national bird).

New Rajya Sabha hall A wider Rajya Sabha building will seat up to 384 seats. It is inspired on the lotus design, the national flower.

Constitutional hall The constitutional hall, both symbolically as well as physically, sets Indian citizens at the core of our democracy.

The offices in the building will be completely secure, efficient, and equipped with cutting-edge communication technologies.

The new parliament house will make it easier for members to obtain information from old documents.

People with disabilities will be able to access the new parliament building.




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