Presidents Day 2024: A Celebration of American History, Sales, and Observances

History and Significance: 

Established in 1879, Presidents' Day initially honored George Washington's February 22 birthday. 

Later expanded to include Abraham Lincoln's February 12 birthday. 

Some states recognize it as "Washington and Lincoln's Birthday." 

Congress enacted the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in 1971, scheduling it on the third Monday of February for long weekends. 

Celebrations and Tributes: 

Americans visit monuments like the Washington Monument and Mount Rushmore. 

Mount Rushmore features Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. 

Presidents' Day as a 3-Day Federal Holiday: 

In 2024, Presidents' Day falls on February 19, granting a three-day weekend. 

Applies to Memorial Day and Veterans Day for extended weekends. 

Observances on Presidents' Day 2024: 

Financial services close, except for TD Bank.  

USPS suspends mail delivery, UPS and FedEx operate. 

Online banking and ATMs remain available. 

Non-essential government offices, including DMVs, close. 

Retail stores generally open, but verify local hours. 

Best Presidents Day 2024 Shopping Deals: 

Amazon offers discounts on tech, clothing, home/kitchen items. 

Best Buy offers up to 40% off top-rated appliances. 

Wayfair provides up to 70% off on furniture, rugs, appliances. 

Target presents bargains on apparel, electronics, kitchen appliances. 

Nordstrom has up to 50% off favorite brands during the Winter Sale. 

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