Prince Harry and Meghan were evicted from their royal residence in the UK

Prince Harry and Meghan were evicted from the royal residence in the United Kingdom that queen Elizabeth II gave them as a wedding gift.

Acc. to the Sun newspaper , The property used by Prince Harry & his wife Megan when they visit Britain has been offered by King Charles to the monarch's brother, Prince Andrew, who has turned it down.

The late Queen Elizabeth II gave them Frogmore Cottage as a wedding gift in 2018, and they refurbished at a reported £2.4 million ($2.9 million).

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have apparently been left "stunned," according to reports. After being "evicted" by King Charles III, the couple is reportedly making plans to have their remaining possessions transferred from the royal castle to their home in California.

In response to the report, Buckingham Palace said it would not comment. Any such discussions would be a private family matter, according to a royal source. . From Harry's office, there was no immediate response

In his memoir, which was published early in January, Harry expressed his displeasure with the royal family.

Among the charges in the book was his surprising assertion that his brother William, the Prince of Wales, physically attacked him, while Charles begged with them not to allow their dispute to "make my last years an agony".

 Harry & Meghan, the couple also made a series of allegations against Buckingham Palace, especially about the alleged "planting" of bad stories about Meghan in the press,In their Netflix docuseries 



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