United States Senate has passed legislation to protect same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday, the United States Senate passed legislation to protect federal recognition of same-sex marriage, in response to concerns that the Supreme Court would overrule a 2015 decision that legalized it nationwide.


The Senate is trying to send a message that every American needs to hear by enacting this legislation: "You too deserve dignity, respect as well as equality under the law, regardless of who you are or whom you love."

With 60 votes required for passage, the bill was approved from 61 to 36. 49 Democrats and 12 Republicans supported the legislation. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat from Georgia, and two senators from the opposing party were not present.

With the support of all Democrats and 47 Republicans, a bill that was similar but not identical passed the House of Representatives earlier this year. The Senate version would need to be approved by the House before being sent to President Joe Biden for signing into law.

The Supreme Court invalidated the right to an abortion nationally in June, reversing 50 years of precedent.

Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court stated in a concurring opinion that the court should consider overturning prior rulings protecting individual liberties, such as the 2015 judgment on gay marriage.

According to U.S. census statistics, there are approximately 568,000 married same-sex couples living together.

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