Uniform Civil Code Article 44

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This story has a short introduction of the Uniform Civil Code Art-44  if you want to read the full article link given on the last page.

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for the establishment of a new law for India that refers to all religious sects on problems such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, & adoption.


High Court recommend this idea

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According to the Delhi High Court, modern Indian society has become more coherent, with traditional barriers such as religious practice, society, and...

In the Shah Bano case, S.C. has ruled that a common civil code would improve national unity by minimising uneven loyalty to laws with opposing ideas.

Reference to Shah Bano case

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The purpose of Article 44 of the Indian Constitution’s Directive Principles was to eliminate inequality towards marginalised communities and to bring...


Significance of Uniform Civil Code

The UCC’s origins can be traced back to british Rule in india, because when British government issued a report in 1835 emphasising necessity uniformity in the...

Origins of the Uniform Civil Code

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The Rau Committee report was presented to a select committee headed by B R Ambedkar in 1951, shortly after the Constitution came into....

The Hindu Code Bill, and it's importance

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Whereas India’s criminal laws are universal and apply to everyone regardless of cultural & Religious beliefs the....

Distinction between Civil & Criminal Laws?

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Above showing topic Res Sub Judice Sec-10 Civil Procedure Code 1860, you can read the full article click on the tab learn more below the page.


Conclusion of the Uniform Civil Code Article 44

The guiding principles of the Constitution show diversity while seeking to create uniformity among individuals of many faiths....