Article 14 includes two phrases

1. Equality before the law

2. Equal protection of the law

Its origins in America and...learn more

It has a British provenance and...learn more

The Dicey Rule and some exceptions to the rule

Equal protection under the law is one part of what dicey refers to as the "rule of law." In the United Kingdom. Even when the main...learn more

Absence of arbitrary authority or supremacy of the law

Equal protection under the law is one part of what dicey refers to as the "rule of law." In the United Kingdom. Even when the main...learn more

Equality before the law

From the viewpoint of the law, that means no one is above the law. It entails the submission of all social classes to ordinary law courts....learn more

Individual liberty is lacking in many constitutions

which give individual liberty but not the method. It indicates that an individual's rights are not derived from the written constitution, and...learn more

The Exception to the Rule of Law

Rule of equality is not an absolute norm there is an exception

The rule of law does not provide for a special rule to apply to a certain group of people. As a result,...learn more

Members of society who are categorical representatives are governed by unique rules in their fields, such as police officers, lawyers, members of the military services, doctors, and nurses.,...learn more

Classification is permissible under Article 14 but class legislation is prohibited

Article 14 Allows Classification, but Prohibits Class Law: Article 14 ensures equal protection under law does...learn more

Reasonable Classification Test

In order to attain certain goals, Article 14 prohibits class legislation but does not restrict lawmakers from the classification of...learn more

For classification to be meaningful, following two requirements must be met

– The classification must be based on the understandable differences between persons or things that are collected from others who have left the group and....learn more

Let's discuss some cases related to Article 14

1. S Nakara vs. Union Of India (AIR-1983 SC 130)

The government announced a liberalized pension program for former government employees in an office memo, although it only applied to those who retired after...learn more

2. Madhu limaye vs. supdt. Tihar jail Delhi (AIR-1975)

Both were given different treatments. Europeans have a healthier diet. The court ruled that inequities in treatment and diet between...learn more

3. Royappa vs. State of Tamil Nadu 1974 SC

In this scenario, a new doctrine of equality has been suggested and is still being followed. If any action is arbitrary, we must...learn more

4. Chirajit lal vs. union of India

In this case, the Supreme Court concluded that classification might be fair even if a single individual is considered as a class if there are some unique conditions or reasons that apply to him but not to others....learn more

Conclusion of the Right to Equality in Indian Constitution

In India's constitution, there is a right to equality. Article 14 prohibits discrimination by legislation, which is defined as treating people with comparable circumstances differently and....learn more