In the case of, Madhu Krishnan vs State of Bihar

S.C, observed, that women made up half of India’s population. In India, women are always discriminated against by men, silently...Learn more

Woman's Rights under Fundamental Rights

Part III of the Indian constitution, Art. 12-35 deals with the basic rights, that apply to all citizens in spite of their gender. However, some...Learn more

In Air India vs. Nargesh Meerza

It's a landmark judgment the apex court held that a woman should not be denied employment just because she is a woman as its...Learn more

Beauty Pageant: Whether it is a Violation of Constitutional Provisions

This question was put in C.Rajakumari v/s The Hyderabad Police Commissioner of the Andhra Pradesh high court, which..Learn more

Women's Rights under (D.P.S.P) Directive Principals of State Policy

The D.P.S.P under the Indian constitution reflects the government's belief that India is a democratic well-being state...Learn more

Uniform Civil Code (U.C.C) - Equality, Justice, and Gender

Article 44 requires the state to strive to achieve U.C.C. for citizens throughout India. however, women continue to face...Learn more

In a landmark judgment in Sarla Mudgal versus U.O.I

The Supreme court (S.C) has passed directions to the Central Government to review Art. 44 of the Constitution which permits...Learn more

Article 243 of the Constitution of India

In 1994 the Gujarat regions ruled (reservation of Sc\St \backward class and women for the office of the president) Rules 2 & 3 provides that...Learn more

Right of  Women to make reproductive decisions

In the case of Suchita Srivastava versus Chandigarh Administration

The Supreme Court ruled that a woman's right to make a reproductive health...Learn more


1. Article 16 of the Indian Constitution 2. Right to Life under Article 21 Fundamental Right 3. Right to Constitutional remedies

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