Concerning same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court issued a notice to centre.

Same-sex marriage in India under the Special Marriage Act has been challenged, and the Supreme Court of India has decided to consider the matter.

The Supreme Court has also given the notice to  Indian government to legalize same-sex marriages as well as alliances between members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

DY Chandrachud, the Chief Justice of India, and Justice Hima Kohli gave notice of the plea to the Attorney General and the Center.

The move follows a petition filed earlier this month by a couple. In their petition, the couple cited previous landmark verdicts in India, which include one that declared privacy a fundamental right and another that decriminalized gay sex in 2018.

The Supreme Court also noted in their decision that numerous pleas pertaining to same-sex marriage challenges are being heard in numerous different High Courts, such as Kerala & Delhi.

Additionally, it was revealed that the Ministry was taking efforts to transfer all appeals to the Supreme Court, as per a statement the Center made before the HC.

The petitioners contend that being prevented from getting married violates their right to equality. They explained to the court how marriage has an impact on things like individual liberty, adoption, and wealth.

As per ANI, the petitioners claimed that they have been in love and in a relationship with each other for the past seventeen years and that they are currently raising two children together. However, because they are unable to legally marry, neither petitioner is able to have a legal parent-child relationship with either of their children.

The Apex Court has given the government four weeks to take a stance on the matter.

Legalizing same-sex marriages in India will be in contradiction to many worldwide issues. Singapore abolished criminal penalties for gay sex earlier this year but refrained from legalizing marriage.

Additionally, lawmakers in the US are debating federal recognition of same-sex marriage due to fears that a more conservative Supreme Court could overturn its 2015 decision to legalize such marriage.

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