ABVP Secures Three Key Positions in DU Students’ Union Polls, NSUI Takes Vice President Post


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ABVP Secures Three Key Positions in DU Students’ Union Polls

In the bustling political arena of Delhi University (DU), the recent students’ union election results sent waves of excitement and anticipation throughout the campus. The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) emerged as the dominating force, clinching victory in three out of the four central panel posts. The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) managed to secure the Vice President’s post, making it a closely watched and hotly contested election.

DU Students’ Union Result 2023-2024

ABVP Triumphs with Three Key Positions


The first glimmer of ABVP’s success came with the announcement of Tushar Dedha as the victorious candidate for the post of DUSU President. His resounding victory over NSUI’s Hitesh Gulia showcased ABVP’s strong presence and appeal among the student body. The election served as a testament to the faith students have placed in Dedha and the ABVP party’s vision for the university.

But ABVP’s victories did not end there. In an election characterized by fierce competition and passionate campaigning, Aprajita, representing ABVP, secured the post of DUSU Secretary. This win underscored ABVP’s organizational strength and strategic campaigning efforts. Additionally, Sachin Baisla emerged as the winner of the joint secretary position, rounding off ABVP’s impressive sweep of key central panel roles.

NSUI’s Silver Lining: Vice President Post

While ABVP celebrated their three victories, NSUI managed to secure an important position in the central panel. Abhi Dhaiya, representing NSUI, triumphed as the Vice President of DUSU. This win was a significant achievement for NSUI, and it emphasized their continued presence and influence in DU politics.

Counting of Votes Concludes

The culmination of this exciting electoral battle came on a Saturday when the counting of votes concluded. Students from all corners of the campus gathered with bated breath to witness the unveiling of the election results. The process was characterized by transparency and fairness, ensuring that the voice of the student body was accurately represented.

ABVP’s Stronghold at Delhi University

ABVP’s victory in three central panel positions further solidified its position as a prominent student organization within Delhi University. Their consistent presence in leadership roles highlights the trust and confidence students have in their party’s ability to advocate for their needs and concerns effectively.

Election Highlights

The DUSU election results were not just about the names on the winning ballots; they were a reflection of the dynamic political landscape within the university. Students actively engaged in discussions, debates, and campaign events leading up to the elections, showcasing their dedication to shaping the future of DU. The vibrant election atmosphere underscored the importance of student leadership and the impact it can have on campus life.

NSUI’s Impact

While ABVP took the majority of central panel positions, NSUI’s success in securing the Vice President’s post cannot be understated. It reaffirmed NSUI’s status as a viable and competitive option for students seeking representation within the student union. Their campaign efforts resonated with a significant portion of the electorate, ensuring that their voice would be heard in the decision-making processes of the university.

The recent DUSU election results were a testament to the vitality of student politics at Delhi University. ABVP’s commanding presence in three central panel posts underscored their continued prominence, while NSUI’s victory in the Vice President’s position showcased their resilience and appeal among the student body.

As the newly elected student leaders take on their roles, the expectations and hopes of the DU community rest on their shoulders, awaiting the positive changes and reforms they promise to bring to the campus.

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