BCD Introduces Online Verification for Lawyers 2023-24

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BCD Introduces Online Verification for Lawyers 2023-24

Introduction of Online Verification for Lawyers’ Certificate of Practice by the Bar Council of Delhi

The Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) has taken a significant step towards modernizing the verification process for lawyers’ certificates of practice. In preparation for the upcoming bar elections, the BCD has introduced a digital verification form, known as FORM-A, to streamline and simplify the verification process.

Mandatory Digital Verification for Advocates Enrolled After January 1, 1990

A notice issued by the BCD specifies that advocates who have been enrolled from January 1, 1990, onwards are required to fill out the newly introduced digital verification form, FORM-A. This online form replaces the traditional methods of certificate verification.

For advocates enrolled before January 1, 1990, the notice outlines that they need to complete a declaration form, as FORM-A is not applicable to them.

Exemptions for Advocates-on-Record and Senior Advocates

The BCD has provided exemptions for Advocates-on-Record of the Supreme Court and designated Senior Advocates. According to Rule 5(a) of a January 12, 2015 notification, they are not required to fill out FORM-A. Instead, they must complete a separate form, “FORM-E,” as specified in the Bar Council of India Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules, 2015.

Verification Rules and Entitlement to Practice Law

Rule 5 of the Bar Council of India Certificate and Place of Practice (Verification) Rules, 2015, emphasizes that advocates are not entitled to practice law unless they possess a valid certificate of practice. This certificate must undergo verification every five years.

Online Verification in Preparation for Bar Council Elections

The decision to shift the verification process online is timely, aligning with the upcoming general elections to the BCD. The notice explicitly states that it is mandatory for all advocates to submit their verification forms. These forms will serve as the basis for preparing the electoral rolls for the upcoming elections.

Availability of Online Verification Forms

To facilitate the transition to the digital verification process, online links to access the digital verification forms were made available starting November 22. Advocates are encouraged to utilize these online resources for a seamless and efficient verification experience.

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