Best Lawyers in India – India’s highest-paid lawyers

Best Lawyers in India

In India, law is regarded amongst the most notable professions. To become a lawyer entails social position, job stability, economic advantages, and, most notably, high wages. We frequently hear about high profile people trying to charge exorbitant fees for signing major projects, but we underestimate that lawyers are equally well-paid and have outrageously high packages. Even so, given the complexities of the Indian legal system, it tends to take a highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and well-practiced advocate to reach that point where money actually starts to flow in like water. These are the most well-paid Best Lawyers in India.

List of the Highest Paid Best Lawyers in India



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Fees: Rs 25+ Lakh per appearance

Mr. Ram Jethmalani, a well-known and well-established lawyer, was the first to hold the highest-paid lawyer position. He passed in 2019, but he had appeared in several cases until his retirement from the legal profession in 2017 at the age of 93, and also was recognized as the “King of Spades” in the legal world.

He has represented clients such as L.K. Advani, Harshad Mehta, & Ketan Parekh in the Hawala scam.He has also represented underworld don Haji Mastan, Amith Shah in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, Kanimozhi in the 2G spectrum case, Yeddyurappa in the illegal mining scam, Asaram Bapu in the Jodhpur sexual assault case, and Lalu Prasad Yadav in the S.C



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Fee: Rs 8- 15 Lakh per appearance

Fali Sam Nariman is a world famous Indian jurist who has been honoured with the Padma vibhushan, Padma bhushan, and the Prize for Justice for his services to the legal and judicial systems of India. In 2018, . He also represented the Gujarat government in the Narmada rehabilitation case, appearing in cases involving Golak Nath, S.P. Gupta, and the T.M.A. Pai Foundation. He also represented former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha in a conviction and was successful in getting her released on bail.



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Fees rs. 8-12 Lakh per appearance

He is a former Attorney General of India who has received the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhusan awards. He has been nominated for the Rajya Sabha by the President of India, which is a significant honour.

He doesn’t present in the arena too often due to his ancient age. Regardless on where he appears in S.C, he costs between Rs 8 and 12 lacs per appearance. He is, nevertheless, always ready for guidance. During his prime, he was a high-profile lawyer with a sharp intellect and a fantastic sense of satirical humor.



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Fees: Rs 6- 15 Lakh per appearance

P Chidambaram is a member of the Rajya Sabha, where he represents his party, the Indian National Congress. He is one of India’s most prominent politicians. P Chidambaram is an accomplished lawyer who has also served as India’s finance minister & home minister. one of the few people capable of clearly and concisely stating his beliefs.



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Fees: 10 Lakh per appearance

He gained national attention after being chosen to represent Miss Rhea Chakraborty, who is standing trial in the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. In the Palghar Mob lynching incident, he has also been appointed Special Public Prosecuting Attorney. His golden era began when he won the Bombay blast case case.

He’d been worked with Mr. Jethmalani for ten years and had acquired on the legend’s advocacy practices. Among his well-known cases are salman khan’s  drink & drive case, Shoban Mehta’s match-fixing case, Chotta Rajan’s MCOCA case, and a slew of others. He is presently one of the country’s most expensive criminal lawyers, charging over ten lakh every hearing.



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Fees: Rs 6- 15 Lakh per appearance

Singhvi was appointed as India’s youngest Additional Solicitor General in 1997, a position he held for a year, from 1997 to 1998. He is the former Head of the Law & Humanitarian Department of the All India Chamber of Commerce, and also the former Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing committee on Law, Justice, Personnel, & Grievances.



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Fees: Rs 6- 15 Lakh per appearance

Harish Salve, the lawyer who fought Pakistan’s death penalty for Kulbhushan Jadhav at I.CJ (International Court of Justice), charged only Re 1 as his fee. The ex-Solicitor General of India, on the other hand, charges between Rs 6 and 15 lakh to his clients.



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Fees: Rs 5.5- 16.5 Lakh per appearance

In various legal forums, he has frequently defended the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Anil Ambani, as well as a number of other high-profile clients. He also represented S. Rangarajan in his case, that also resulted in one of the landmark decisions on free speech and expression.


Gopal Subramanium

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Fees: 5.5- 15 Lakh per appearance

As a Senior Advocate, he primarily works at the Delhi High Court & the Supreme court of India. He served as India’s Solicitor General from 2009 to 2011. Subramanium additionally acted for the government in matters such as the OBC quota in government educational institutions and the sealing of commercial structures in Delhi’s residential neighbourhoods. He was also the Chairman of BCI ( Bar Council of India) during his tenure as Solicitor General.


Mukul Rohtagi

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Fees: 10 Lakh per appearance

Mukul Rohtagi is another well-known lawyer who has defended the Gujarat govt in S.C in matters including the 2002 Gujarat riots & allegedly unjustified encounter fatalities like the Best Bakery & Zahira Sheikh cases. In 1999, he was appointed as the Vajpayee government’s additional solicitor general.

Conclusion of the Best Lawyers in India

So, now that you know who the highest-paid lawyers are, you’re the next in line. Continue to prepare. After the practice of medicine, it’s possible that the legal profession is the only one with no retirement age. In fact, it indicates that you charge more per appearance as you become older. This list was elaborately gathered, considering a variety of factors.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a funny quotation.

“A good lawyer knows the law. A great one knows the judges.”


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