India Gears Up to Host G20 Summit in Delhi: Key Highlights

India Gears up to Host G20 Summit in Delhi Key Highlights

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In an upcoming high-profile event, India is poised to host the G20 summit in the heart of its capital, Delhi. With the summit scheduled for September 9 and 10, the city is abuzz with preparations, anticipating the convergence of leaders and officials from the world’s largest economies. This landmark occasion, held under India’s presidency, is set to bring about the closure of offices and the imposition of traffic restrictions in the bustling metropolis.

The Grand Venue and Arrival Preparations

The Bharat Mandapam convention centre, a newly-constructed architectural marvel nestled within Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, will serve as the backdrop for this consequential gathering. Even before the formal commencement of the summit, on September 8, officials and global leaders are slated to begin their arrivals in the national capital. In light of this, the central and Delhi governments have taken the step to declare the closure of their offices from September 8 to 10, extending the same courtesy to private offices and schools.

Confluence of Festivals & International Affairs

Notably, the G20 summit dovetails with the celebration of Janmashtami, a momentous Indian festival observed on September 7. While designated as an optional holiday, the summit’s prominence is poised to have a cascading effect. Widely anticipated, the magnitude of the gathering of international dignitaries is projected to influence a significant number of workplaces to suspend operations. As the city aligns itself to accommodate the influx of global leaders, the convergence of Janmashtami and the summit creates a dynamic interplay between tradition and international affairs.

Distinguished Attendees

The summit promises to play host to an array of prominent global leaders. Notable figures in attendance will include US President Joe Biden, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and French President Emmanuel Macron, among others.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit will also witness participation from representatives of nine “guest countries”: Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. These varied attendees amplify the international significance of the event.

Marking the culmination of a year of diligent G20 processes and discussions, the 18th G20 summit will draw on the insights gleaned from ministerial meetings, discussions among senior officials, and the active involvement of civil society.

Navigating Traffic & Transportation Dynamics

Delhi’s traffic landscape is anticipated to witness a temporary transformation as the summit approaches. With a strategic focus on security and logistics, the Delhi Traffic Police has outlined plans to restrict cargo trucks from entering the city for a three-day period. Diversion to the Eastern and Western peripheral expressways will be the modus operandi for these vehicles.

However, exceptions will be made for vehicles carrying essential cargo or possessing permission to enter the national capital. A comprehensive advisory detailing these measures is expected to be released imminently.

While Delhi Metro services are set to remain operational, select stations within the New Delhi area, including Supreme Court, Khan Market, Mandi House, and Central Secretariat, are earmarked for closure during the summit’s duration.

Traffic restrictions, meticulously planned by officials, are set to be imposed in specific areas of Delhi. The overarching goal is to avert traffic congestion, while ensuring the safety and security of visiting VVIPs. In parallel, shopping malls and markets in certain locales will observe temporary closures.

In areas that experience heightened VVIP movement, adjustments will be made to bus services. Depending on the scenario, buses might be temporarily halted or routed along alternate paths. The seamless operation of crucial services, such as healthcare and emergency facilities, as well as accommodating rail and air travelers, remains a top priority for the authorities.

Enforced Holidays: Offices and Institutions

The significance of the summit’s impact on the city is underscored by the decision to declare a public holiday for three consecutive days. In a directive issued by the General Administration Department (GAD) of the Delhi government, it was stipulated that all Delhi government and private offices, along with educational institutions ranging from schools to colleges, will remain closed from September 8 to 10.

Aligned with this measure, commercial banks and financial institutions situated within the jurisdiction of New Delhi Police District, falling under the purview of Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 (26 of 1881), are bound to observe public holidays during the same period.

Additionally, markets and shops within the New Delhi area will temporarily cease operations throughout the duration of the summit, contributing to the comprehensive citywide preparations.

Fortified Security Framework

Evidently cognizant of the immense task at hand, the Delhi Police have meticulously formulated an elaborate security strategy. This blueprint encompasses the deployment of over 450 quick response teams (QRTs), PCR vans, ambulances, and fire-fighting equipment across critical points, including the airport, 23 designated hotels, Pragati Maidan, Rajghat, and the travel routes designated for dignitaries and delegates.

The city’s preparedness for unforeseen challenges is bolstered by the presence of seven disaster management teams stationed strategically. Notably, a significant enhancement in security arrangements involves the training of female commandos within the police force, who will be deployed based on evolving requirements.

As the G20 summit looms on the horizon, the meticulous planning and coordinated efforts underscore India’s determination to orchestrate a successful event while ensuring the safety, security, and convenience of all participants.

Frequently asked questions

What is the G20 Summit?

The G20 Summit is an annual international event where leaders from the world’s largest economies gather to discuss and collaborate on global economic and financial issues. The participating countries represent both developed and developing economies.

When and where is the G20 Summit in Delhi taking place?

The G20 Summit in Delhi is scheduled for Sept 9 & 10. It will be hosted at the newly-built Bharat Mandapam convention centre within Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

What is the theme of the G20?

The theme of India’s G20 presidency is expressed as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which means “One Earth, One Family, One Future.”

Which leaders are expected to attend the G20 Summit in Delhi?

The G20 Summit in Delhi is set to host a range of world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and French President Emmanuel Macron, among others.

Which countries have been invited as “guest countries” for the summit?

India has invited representatives from nine “guest countries” to participate in the summit. These countries are Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.


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