Judicial Examination 2021 Dates of Admissibility

Judicial Examination

Judicial Examination 2021 Dates of Admissibility Selection and Examination: Judicial or Provincial Civil Service exams, commonly referred to as the PCS (J) examinations, including entry-level exams by law graduates for subordinate judiciary membership. judiciary members are designated by state governments under the supervision of their respective high courts based on a competitive review.

The Judicial Test or the PCS (J)-provincial civil service-Judicial examination as an entry-level examination should be carried out by law graduates wishing to enter the subordinate judiciary. The State Government appoints members of the judicial officers, who are governed by the relevant High Court. Members will be selected in line with their achievements during the 2021 judicial examination.

Forthcoming Judicial Examination in 2021

Judicial services include enticing benefits and privileges such as free housing, allowances for the supply of fuel and electricity, subsidized supplies of water, telephone allowances, and children’s school bursaries. Judicial officers are far superior to civil service officers. Judicial officers will be assigned to district headquarters and will not be required to serve in remote areas.

Eligibility criteria 2021 for the judicial examination

Judicial Examination

The Indian Judicial Eligibility Criteria In India, the Lower Judiciary Services and Higher Judicial Services will hold two levels of entry.

Judicial services lower eligibility criteria Lower judiciary is for recent graduates who must pass a public service commission administered (UP, MP, Rajasthan, etc) or the High Court (Delhi). This path ensures that candidates will receive time-based promotions and secure employment early in their careers.

Qualifications in education:

The candidate must have an LLB degree. There is no requirement for prior experience, and students from the last year are still eligible to participate in the exam. The candidate must be qualified to practise law in accordance with the Advocates’ Act of 1961. There is an age limit in the different states. However, it is usually restricted to people between the ages of 21 and 35.

Examination of the judicial services – exam structure

Three successive stages of the judicial service exam are the Preliminary exam, Mains, and Viva-Voce/Interview.

PRELIMINARY EXAM– The preliminary examination is used as the main examination screening. It includes questions of the objective type For final selection. The marks achieved in the preliminary examination are not considered. The percentage of students who pass a state’s qualifying exam varies by state. The minimum qualification marks for the preliminary review are 60% for the general classification and 55% for the reserved classes.

MAINS EXAM– A subjective exam type is the main examination. The exam is comprised of 3 or 4 papers. The final selection depends on the marks of the candidates. For applicants who are three times more vacancies, a viva-voce is held.

VIVA-VOCE / PERSONAL INTERVIEW– The final selection stage during which candidates are assessed based, among other things, on their general interests, personality, and information.


The curriculum varies by state. It consists of three sections; civil, criminal, and linguistic. The weight assigned to the language paper ranges between 20% and 35%. The main exam is divided into six to seven papers, with about 70% of the questions being legal in nature.

Structure of salary for district/civil judge 2021

The Civil Judge is in charge of both civil and criminal proceedings. The Judge hears two types of cases: appeals under Special Acts by District Munsif and others, and civil cases.

The initial salary of the PCS J judges is between Rs. 24,000 and Rs. 80,000 a month. Apart from the fundamental PCS J fee, the judges can also get extra benefits, such as house rental, a discount fee, a travel allowance, and many more.

That’s all about Judicial Examination 2021 Dates of Admissibility Selection and Examination


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