Presidents Day 2024: A Celebration of American History, Sales, and Observances

presidents day 2024

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Presidents Day 2024: A Celebration of American History, Sales, and Observances: Presidents’ Day, observed on the third Monday of February in the United States, is a time for Americans to reflect on the legacies of two of the nation’s most revered presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

History and Significance: Honoring Washington and Lincoln

Presidents’ Day, observed on the third Monday of February in the United States, is a time for Americans to reflect on the legacies of two of the nation’s most revered presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Established in 1879, the holiday was initially known as “Washington’s Birthday,” commemorating the birth of the first president on February 22, 1732. Later, it was expanded to honor Lincoln, born on February 12, 1809. While some states officially recognize it as “Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday,” others simply refer to it as “Presidents’ Day.”

Both Washington and Lincoln hold significant places in American history, with their leadership and contributions shaping the nation. Despite some contention about merging their celebrations with those of lesser-known presidents, Presidents’ Day stands as a testament to the dedication and sacrifices of all American chief executives.

Many Americans mark the day by paying homage to Washington and Lincoln through various means, including visiting monuments and statues dedicated to them. The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., and the iconic Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, featuring the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, serve as enduring tributes to these leaders.

Presidents’ Day: A 3-Day Federal Holiday

This year, Presidents’ Day falls on Monday, February 19, offering Americans a much-anticipated three-day weekend. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act, enacted in 1971, ensures that holidays like Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, and Veterans Day always occur on Mondays, providing extended weekends for workers and families alike.

The extended holiday period not only allows for relaxation and leisure but also presents an opportunity for retailers to offer special discounts and promotions. The act permits stores and marketers to capitalize on the holiday spirit by providing exclusive Presidents’ Day sales and bargains.

What’s Open and Closed on Presidents’ Day 2024

As with any federal holiday, there are several changes in service availability on Presidents’ Day:

  • Financial Services: Most bank branches will be closed in observance of the federal banking holiday. However, TD Bank will continue to provide services on Monday. Online banking and ATMs will remain accessible for customers’ convenience.
  • Postal Services: While USPS suspends mail delivery for the day, UPS and FedEx continue their operations as usual.
  • Government Agencies: Non-essential government offices at all levels will be closed on Presidents’ Day. This includes departments of motor vehicles, city halls, courthouses, and certain libraries.
  • Retail: Despite the holiday, most big-box retailers and supermarket chains such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Costco typically remain open. However, it’s advisable to check with local businesses and eateries regarding their operating hours on Monday.

Best Presidents Day 2024 Shopping Deals

In addition to commemorating the nation’s presidents, Presidents’ Day also presents an excellent opportunity for consumers to take advantage of significant savings on various products:

  • Amazon: Enjoy discounts across a wide range of categories including technology, clothing, and home/kitchen items.
  • Wayfair: Take advantage of up to 70% off on furniture, rugs, appliances, and more.
  • Best Buy: Save up to 40% on top-rated appliances during their Presidents’ Day sale.
  • Target: Explore thousands of bargains on apparel, electronics, kitchen appliances, and more as you prepare for spring.
  • Nordstrom: Discover up to 50% off favorite brands during the Winter Sale, offering substantial savings on clothing, accessories, and more.


Presidents’ Day is not only a time to honor the nation’s leaders but also an occasion to enjoy a long weekend and take advantage of special sales and discounts. As Americans commemorate the legacies of Washington and Lincoln, they also embrace the opportunity to save money on a wide range of products and services. Whether it’s visiting historic sites, shopping for home essentials, or simply enjoying time with family and friends, Presidents’ Day serves as a moment of reflection and celebration of American history and values.

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