Five-Day Special Parliament Session Scheduled from Sept 18 to 22

Five-Day Special Parliament Session Scheduled from Sept 18 to 22

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Five-Day Special Parliament Session Scheduled from September 18 to 22 with Key Changes

A special five-day Parliament session is set to convene from September 18 to 22. However, this session will differ from regular sessions as it will exclude Question Hour, Zero Hour, and private members’ business, according to a notice issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat. These changes will be applied to both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha sessions.

Five-Day Special Parliament Session Overview

The session, comprised of five sittings, will provide members with a provisional calendar separately, as reported by PTI.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat released a bulletin on Saturday, announcing the commencement of the Thirteenth Session of the Seventeenth Lok Sabha on Monday, September 18, 2023. Simultaneously, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat stated that the Two Hundred and Sixty-First Session of the Rajya Sabha would also commence on the same date.

Agenda and Speculation

Five-Day Special Parliament Session Scheduled from Sept 18 to 22

The agenda for this “special session” of Parliament, initially kept confidential by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi, has generated considerable speculation. He made the announcement of the five-day session but did not disclose its purpose, leading to curiosity among political observers.

Joshi expressed optimism about the session, saying, “Amid Amrit Kaal, looking forward to having fruitful discussions and debate in Parliament.” The secrecy surrounding the agenda raised questions about its significance and potential legislative priorities.

Comparison with Regular Sessions

In the regular parliamentary calendar, three sessions are held annually, which include the Budget, Monsoon, and Winter sessions. The decision to call a special session suggests a departure from this established routine.

Simultaneous Elections Proposal

There have been reports that the government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is establishing a high-level committee to examine and propose the concept of simultaneous elections in India. This development has contributed to speculation that the special session might mark the culmination of the current Lok Sabha’s term.

Political Reactions

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed his opinion on the government’s decision to convene a “special session of Parliament” from September 18 to 22. He interpreted this move as a sign of “little panic” within the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi further suggested that certain matters, such as allegations against the Adani Group, could be causing discomfort to PM Modi, making him “very nervous.”

One Nation, One Election Bill

One of the key purposes of the special session is reportedly the introduction of the “One Nation, One Election” bill by the Central government. This initiative aims to synchronize elections across the country, streamlining the electoral process.

Additional Speculation

The preparations for a group photograph of Members of Parliament (MPs) have fueled additional conjecture. Some have proposed that this may be connected to the potential shift to the new parliament building, though the exact reasoning remains uncertain.

As the special Parliament session approaches, it carries with it a sense of intrigue and anticipation, with observers eager to uncover the government’s legislative priorities and the significance of the proposed “One Nation, One Election” bill.

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